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Just a couple bugs i ran into.
When i unlocked Ivy's animated scene the screen fades white as usual, but it instead showed me Phoebe's animated scene.
It changed back to ivy when i clicked the echo option, then ivy's animated one was selectable after.
second, the scene where the desk-lady speaks to the shop owner.
After she asks the desk lady why shes at her store the desk lady starts saying some crazy shit,
like the text is all numbers and letters and the sound played when text is being said was played super fast.

other than those 2 rare bugs, this game is stellar.
So fun to play, i really enjoy games that have a pornographic aspect but choose to focus more on the gaming experiance/mechanics. really well done game, im looking forward to a full release and any upcoming updates. :)

CuddlePitGames responds:

Thanks for letting us know! Do you have any specifics leading up to these bugs? The more specific the better, as the ability to recreate the bug in the studio means we're able to shoot down the problem way easier.

We're really stoked that you like it! Our design philosophy is for the game to be good first and foremost. If the game's not fun then it's just a delaying tactic between you and the porn. Thank you so much for your feedback! Stick around for upcoming versions and episodes!


This looks a lot like Clicker Heroes. Buying new characters each with their own upgrade path, achievements, what looks like a row of activated abilities at the bottom, the level progression of beating 10 enemies then moving up with bosses at every 5th.
I could understand if you just used the progressing character unlocks/abilities, but you've gone and used a near replicate of 'Clicker Heroes' background art. which i cant overlook.

2.5 stars because it probably took a while to put this together.

This game is great in so many aspects,but i feel like the experience could be better if the performance could be better. maybe if you implemented a quality toggle option.

your right...

i did want that medal,
but now that i have it :P
i wont be the jelous one XD

PuffballsUnited responds:


ive got it

i recon the only reson this is underdog is beacause the people that like this also like minecraft and are only voting 5/5 beacause most of them too afraid
to review :P

TomatoSalad responds:

Um no? A lot of people voted 0 but most of those didn't review meaning the large gap between a mediocer review average and score was larger than any other flash.

simple and easy...

and i love the "no cheating" touch.
havent seen that in a while

NoLanLabs responds:

Thank you sir.

great game

dont know if this has happened to anyone else,but half way through my second go,the game went into a slomo state...it was very handy but took ages :P

love it

your a great artist,i really liked the facials you made for each character...
and it was worth clocking the game to unlock them all.
really looking forward to your next flash
hope their as good as this.

very touching

i felt sad when i was on the final stretch to the end,maybe it was the music
hell,even i felt afraid at the end,afraid to get it.....
you've made a great game my friend...

love it

i really like the platform feal to it
the only down side,is no retry button?


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