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I'm sorry, did i just fucking hear him say Auckland?
As in New Zealand?

Please remove this content. Hyun already has an account on Newgrounds, as an impersonator you don't have the rights to upload this flash.

sure its a good animation, but didnt zone do a flash of this with the same character and bg music?

pinoytoons responds:

yeah they did . but comissioner asked for this media . so that mean it does'nt stop there . anyway tnx for the review

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great to see you're already onto another project, i was a big fan of your last game and this ones already looking promising. I'm also happy to see familiar assets like the waterfall and the hotel manager getting carried over to this game XD.
Just a few questions that I have for this release.
What determines the level of the gear in shop/end of dungeons?
I get occasional +5s in shop and at the end of slime dungeon(level 12), are the weapon levels calculated from your level?
Also is there a max number of items Amelia can hold in her shop? because i sold quite a bit of items to her then when i went back to buy a good weapon i saw, it had gone. this might just be me not looking hard enough xd, but this possability still concerns me.
Lastly do you plan to add more minigames similar to Pokkaloh's boar hunt, dating game and treasure hunt? because i always found those fun.
Can't wait to see this game's developement, keep up the stellar work :)

pokkaloh responds:

Thanks :)
- level of gear is random
- Amelia restocks everyday but starting next version you'll be able to have her keep items aside for you to buy later
- More minigames maybe

Just a couple bugs i ran into.
When i unlocked Ivy's animated scene the screen fades white as usual, but it instead showed me Phoebe's animated scene.
It changed back to ivy when i clicked the echo option, then ivy's animated one was selectable after.
second, the scene where the desk-lady speaks to the shop owner.
After she asks the desk lady why shes at her store the desk lady starts saying some crazy shit,
like the text is all numbers and letters and the sound played when text is being said was played super fast.

other than those 2 rare bugs, this game is stellar.
So fun to play, i really enjoy games that have a pornographic aspect but choose to focus more on the gaming experiance/mechanics. really well done game, im looking forward to a full release and any upcoming updates. :)

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CuddlePitGames responds:

Thanks for letting us know! Do you have any specifics leading up to these bugs? The more specific the better, as the ability to recreate the bug in the studio means we're able to shoot down the problem way easier.

We're really stoked that you like it! Our design philosophy is for the game to be good first and foremost. If the game's not fun then it's just a delaying tactic between you and the porn. Thank you so much for your feedback! Stick around for upcoming versions and episodes!


This looks a lot like Clicker Heroes. Buying new characters each with their own upgrade path, achievements, what looks like a row of activated abilities at the bottom, the level progression of beating 10 enemies then moving up with bosses at every 5th.
I could understand if you just used the progressing character unlocks/abilities, but you've gone and used a near replicate of 'Clicker Heroes' background art. which i cant overlook.

2.5 stars because it probably took a while to put this together.

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holy jesus christ man!

this is hands down the most base/treble intense dubstep song
i have ever heard.
and i really enjoy my dubstep <3

keep doing what your doing,
cause the doing your doing is what you do best <3

POOP.... &gt;_&gt;

is what i did in my pants when i heard this :3

really nice beat to it,love how u introduced the drop too,having them hanging on till the audio clip came in.very nice and very heavy.

HD like <3


thats in 2 days!! plz tell me the song is liek this the whole way!?

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so much power!
ones mind just cannot comprehend the raw force of this entity!

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i love the 80's pilot goggles on pikachu
very nice touch :3
5/5 for you mam :P

Sabtastic responds:

Why thankyou, kind sir!

I remember her

I lived those animations...but there was something about them,that grabbed my attention...
Hmm guess I'll never know

ShaiannSantos responds:

Yep I got caught on watching this way long back too!
uh.. We'll I just saw this on the anime collection and click and got addicted.
Just watching this publicly make me ashame of myself... Orzorzorzorzorzorzorzorz
But still love it becuase female figures and weopondry.:D


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